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Postpartum depression affects a new mother with great sadness at a time that should be filled with joy. Many women suffer from postpartum depression soon after they give birth to a baby. Any new mother has additional responsibilities and chores when taking care of a newborn infant. The new baby does not sleep through the night, and a responsible adult should care for the newborn when he or she awakes.

A mother who is nursing her baby cannot even give some of these responsibilities to other people. She must be awake to nurse her baby. Postpartum depression brings feelings of rejection toward the new baby, and these feelings are very disturbing to a new mother. When they want to love this new child, they sometimes feel that no love for this small, vulnerable child.

Postpartum depression also makes women feel very alone and afraid although other people are close by and they are in a secure location. Many women with postpartum depression feel upset, but they are not sure why. Women with postpartum depression feel guilty about their feelings. The feelings of postpartum depression can be mild or very disturbing.

Postpartum Depression Does Not Always Require Medical Intervention Sometimes the feelings do not last for an extended period of time, but sometimes the feelings last for a long time. Many women overcome postpartum depression without any help from an outside source. Other women are extremely troubled by this condition and have great difficulty coping with the symptoms. Any woman who is troubled by this depression for more than a few days should seek help from a medical expert who has experience helping new mothers cope with depression.

Some women feel an urge to hurt their baby or themselves. These mothers should seek immediate help. There is treatment for those with postpartum depression to help new mothers with a serious condition. New mothers can take some steps to help themselves.

The responsibilities are new and demanding when caring for an infant. Often new mothers have people willing to help including their spouses, parents or in-laws. New mothers should take advantage of those willing to help when and if they feel overwhelmed by the duties and responsibilities. A good doctor who delivers new babies will have others with the same challenges.

There are support groups of women with similar feelings. The doctor can often suggest a support group for a struggling new mom. The doctor will also be able to suggest strategies for coping that have worked for others. Sometimes medications are necessary to help new mothers overcome the feelings of depression.

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