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Potency Pill Prices Compete Against Each Other The market of Viagra and other male health products is extremele competetive and there is a reason for that - each year almost 90 million dollars is spent on impotence drugs. Recently the pill manufacturer Bayer halved the the price of its Levitra tablets. This is going to start a price war with its largest competitor Viagra. The price of Levitra package dropped from $11. 25 to just $5. 23. Because many doctors are told to recommend and hand out the least expensive products, the competitors of Bayer may have to lower their pricing too.

Viagra has a brand name that is very familiar to the consumers, however, if other products are more affordable it surely will move people to use the less expensive alternatives. DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone that is produced naturally in the body. It is produced by the adrenal glands. The levels of the hormone peak when people are in their twenties and then start to decline. DHEA aids the body’s production of eighteen steroid hormones including the stress hormones and the sex hormones. It also helps the body burn fat, build lean muscle and stimulate bone growth. The DHEA that is sold in supplements comes from wild yams and can only be produced in the laboratory.

A deficiency in DHEA may leave people more vulnerable to certain cancers, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, impotence and other age related conditions. DHEA is natural hormone but there are also supplements. People take DHEA supplements for many reasons. It is supposed to aid in weight loss by decreasing ones appetite and desire for fatty foods. It is also supposed to protect against many cancers including colon, liver, breast, skin, prostate, ovarian and testicular. DHEA is supposed to improve cognition and memory. It is also reported to improve mood, increase energy, enable you to better handle stress and help you sleep.

It protects against impotence and may help with menopausal symptoms. As numerous tissues in the body turn DHEA into testosterone or DHT and these hormones play important role in sexual function, many men are looking for androgen replacement therapy, in most cases DHEA therapy to improve their erectile function. It is said to be the “anti aging drug”. Is it safe? If it does all these things should everyone over thirty be taking it? There are some safety considerations. Taking high doses of DHEA over long periods decreases the body’s ability to produce its own DHEA.

High DHEA levels could be associated with liver damage and an increased risk of prostate and ovarian cancer. Talk with your doctor before you start any supplementation to see if it is safe for you. Ginkgo usually refers to the extract made from the leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba Tree. Studies indicate that this plant has been growing on earth for 200 million years, which makes it oldest living tree species on Earth. Ginkgo Biloba has long been recognized to enhance brain function. It is even used to treat Alzheimer’s disease because of its effects on the brain. Over the past 30 years worth of studies on Ginkgo Biloba it is said to have many health benefits.

E.g. the Chinese have used it to increase sexual function, relieve lung congestion and treat asthma. They also believe that it lengthens life. Gingko increases blood flow to all areas of the body. It is said to help regulate the brains neurotransmitters and increase metabolism. The benefits on the brain include increased long term memory, heightened reaction time and clearer thinking. Because of the effect of increasing blood flow to body parts it is reported to treat impotence.

Gingko protects your body against free radicals, which can damage your organs. Its increase in the circulatory system helps treat ear and eye problems. This is why many herbal Viagra alternative supplements contain Ginkgo to help with increased blood flow to the genitals. There are scientific studies that show Ginkgo biloba is effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction which is caused by the lack of blood flow to the genitals. Ginkgo Biloba is not without side effects. It can cause headaches and stomach upset with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It can increase your risk for bleeding like an anticoagulant can.

Pregnant women should not take it and you should not take it if you use MAO (Monoamine Oxidase) Inhibitor antidepressants. Kava is grown in the South Pacific as a taller shrub. Historically, it has been used medicinally and as a social beverage. The active ingredient is in the root of the shrub. It used to be chewed or made into a drink. Today it is available as a beverage, a tea, and a liquid. an extract, a capsule or a tablet.

Kava Kava literally means “intoxicating pepper”. It has been used by people in the South Pacific for thousands of years to achieve higher levels of consciousness. It produces calmness and enhances senses. The effect of Kava Kava is a relaxed mood and it does not cause drowsiness like for example alcohol. When under the influence of Kava kava one usually is in a more open and comfortable state, thus it is easier to initiate a conversation with a potential sex partner. Kava contains kavalactones which can affect the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. It specifically affects GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), nor-epinephrine and dopamine.

There has been scientific proof that it helps people with anxiety. Kava Kava has some drug interactions and side effects. It can interact with other herbs, supplements of medications. Kava products should not be taken with other sedative like drugs or alcohol. Pregnant women and children should also avoid taking Kava kava. In large doses it can cause liver problems including cirrhosis, hepatitis and death. Milder side effects can include dermatitis, restlessness, dizziness, upset stomach and tremors.

Cialis, generic Tadalafil, is a prescription medication used to treat ED (Erectile Dysfunction) in men. ED is a condition in which a man cannot get and or sustain an erection when sexually excited. Physiologically, the penis does not fill up with enough blood to get harder. Cialis allows the blood to flow to the penis to attain and sustain an erection for sexual function. The blood flow does decrease after sexual activity and the erection is gone. Sexual stimulation is needed in order for Cialis to work. Cialis does not cure ED and does not increase a man’s sex drive.

It also does not protect against STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) or pregnancy. It is only to be used by men with ED who are over the age of 18. Women and children should not take this drug. This drug should not be taken with any other drugs in the nitrate family nor should it be taken with the use of recreational amyl nitrate or butyl nitrite. Before you take Cialis your doctor will take a complete medical history. Be sure and tell your doctor if you have heart problems, low or high blood pressure, have liver or kidney problems, have had a heart attack or stroke, have ulcers or bleeding problems or have ever had an erection that went on for more than four hours. Let your doctor know every medication you take including over the counter vitamins or supplements.

Some medications will interact with Cialis and it may not be an appropriate prescription for you. Side effects that should go away within a couple of days include back and muscle pain. Other side effects that may occur include indigestion, headache, skin flushing and runny or stuffy nose. If you have vision changes or get an erection that does not go away seek emergency help immediately. Yohimbine is an alkaloid from the bark of an evergreen tree called the Pausinystalia Yohimbe from Africa. Yohimbine Hydrochloride comes from the family of alpha-blockers which dilate blood vessels and eye pupils. Yohimbine Hydrochloride is said to be a stimulant and an aphrodisiac drug.

It is a prescription drug in the United States. It is also used to treat male impotence and increase libido in both sexes. It has other uses as well. It is used to treat the side effects of a low sex drive in people taking SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) antidepressants, and it is used to treat hypo sexual disorder in females. Yohimbine can also raise blood pressure and treat xerostomia. Xerostomia is a condition of dry mouth. Yohimbine increases the blood flow to the penis enabling an impotent male to have an erection.

It also keeps the blood in the penis to sustain the erection. Yohimbine Hydrochloride is sometimes used by bodybuilders to lose fat and by others for weight loss. It increases the movement of fatty acids and decreases its synthesis. It can give you a boost to weight loss. Some say Yohimbine is also a powerful antioxidant. What we know for sure is that it does dilate blood vessels. This helps treat impotence but may also prevent heart attacks and strokes by preventing clot formation.

Yohimbine has also been used to help people with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to help them remember and process their trauma. Yohimbine can have side effects such as rapid heart rate, anxiety, increased blood pressure, headaches, and dizziness. Anyone with heart, liver or kidney disease, as well as pregnant women and children should not take supplements containing Yohimbine. Only you and your doctor can determine if this drug is right for you and if its benefits outweigh the risks. Other names for Damiana include Turner diffuse and Turner aphrodisiacal. Damiana is a flowering schrub found in Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Traditionally the leaves have been made into tea and used as an aphrodisiac.

It can also be smoked. Damiana can now be found as a tea, a capsule or liquid. It is an herbal medicine used to treat many things including impotence and frigidity. It is also supposed to help with menopausal symptoms, Fibromyalgia, depression infertility Parkinson’s and more. Other uses include anxiety, depression asthma, headache and menstrual disorders. There is no scientific proof that it helps with any of these ailments. It is used widely in Mexico as an aphrodisiac for both women and men.

In studies it has shown to be the sixth highest herb that binds with progesterone. This may indicate it has similar effects as progesterone. The usual dose is 400mg once or twice a day. Damiana has historically been used in general for the reproductive system, the hormonal and nervous systems of both men and women. Damiana has a compound in it called arbutin which in large doses converts to hydorquione which can cause vomiting, nausea, ringing in the ears, unconciousness and death. Its common mild side effect is an upset stomach. The plant itself can grow up to 2 meters.

It yellow flowers and green leaves. Its affects are a bit like marijuana when smoked but more relaxing. When it is smoked with passionflower relaxation and lucid dreaming can occur. It is a component of many herbal cigarettes. It is promoted as a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac but has not been proven scientifically. It is also an ingredient in a Mexican liquer which is used in some places in Mexico as an ingredient in Margaritas. Missionaries from Spain first recorded it as tea, which the Mexicans drank to enhance their sexual experience, Cialis is a drug that contains the active ingredient Tadalafil.

It is sold as pills of 2. 5, 5, 10 and 20 milligrams. In most countries Cialis is a prescription only drug. Cialis is one of the most powerful drugs for erectile dysfunction. However, for Cialis to cause an erection sexual stimulation is still needed. When compared to Viagra the effects of Cialis do last longer. Some users tell the effects of Viagra lasts for only some hours, Cialis affects for three days.

The recommended dosage of Cialis is ten milligrams ingested either with or without food. The dosage can be increased to 20 milligrams if the effects are not satisfactory with lower doses. Using doses of 10 or 20 milligram daily for continuous periods of time is not recommended. If you try Cialis, start with a half a pill at first. That should do the trick. Too large dose can induce pain in lower back and legs which can last for about a day.