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By this week, you have probably just found out that you are expecting twins with the first ultrasound that you have. The babies are developing well and rapidly this week and attention is on the development of the brain, kidneys, bladder, liver and the spine and this will continue to develop for several weeks to come. The heart is also developing well and so are the babies’ reproductive tracts. The two are showing changes from the previous week in terms of size and you might notice that your belly is already showing signs of pregnancy. In fact some women look very pregnant this week when carrying twins. This 7th week, you will notice that your appetite is hitting the roof and this is because the development of the two little babies needs lots of energy and nutrients and hence what you eat seems to be drained much faster. It is best to listen to the body and serve it with what it asks for as long as you are watching a healthy diet. When pregnant with twins, you will find that your body requires more calories that a woman carrying only one baby and this is perfectly normal.

Always eat enough and ensure that you are on a healthy balanced diet. You will also notice that you are feeling tired than usual this week when pregnant with your twins. Apart from the activities taking place within your body, your twins are also growing and you are definitely carrying some weight. Heartburns are common this week for women with twins as a result of the already larger uterus. An ultrasound will show you the changes that the babies have made and the progress of the pregnancy giving you assurance that they are on the right tract headed for that delivery.

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