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(MONTREAL) -- Amidst the second worst recession in history, thrifty consumers are turning to the internet to take advantage of special offers. Michelle reviews a local mom’s discovery of clever tricks to get a celebrity look for less than $8 and has enabled thousands of consumers to reduce their wrinkles and fine lines from home. STEP 1: First get Dead Sea Kit Use special discount link to reduce shipping to $7. 95 from  ! STEP 2: Then get Pure Collagen While stocks last - Pay just $7. 95 shipping! *This Is Key: You must use BOTH products in this method to achieve results like Kate. Promo Ends: .

Get your free trials now to avoid disappointment! Kate, a mom of three from Montreal is the perfect example of a smart consumer using the web to get quality products for a low cost. Kate was admittedly a bit overwhelmed by her hectic life and had given up on spending time on herself and her needs. She decided to change her life, and recently discovered a clever way of combining two free beauty product trials from trusted companies Dead Sea Kit and Pure Collagen to unlock the secrets of anti-aging. Her results are comparable to what you might attain at Medi-Spas and Doctor's offices for $1,500 or more, all the while using nothing but free trial offers. Kate thought it was important to share her story with our readers. This trick has not only removed her wrinkles, but also removed the brown spots on her face instantly. It changed her life and we hope it can change yours too.

Kate, who makes an average salary, doesn't have the extra cash to try every celebrity endorsed anti-aging miracle cream out there let alone splurge on expensive medical procedures. At one time she did consider taking out loans for injecting Botox and even contemplated getting a facelift, but became frightened after researching Botox and face lift malpractice stories. Kate was determined to find a safe and AFFORDABLE solution that would yield real results and not leave her in debt. Nevertheless, as we began to investigate the countless success stories reported by people from all around the globe, we decided that Kate’s anti-aging secret was worthy of a closer investigation. "I have to admit I do tend to jump on the bandwagon and I have tried countless skin anti-aging/wrinkle creams such as Oil of Olay, Neutrogena and many more to help me look young again. Unfortunately, the results were never as good as I wanted them to be. Until one day after watching the news and doing some careful research, I found a way to make my wrinkles go away by using Dead Sea Kit & Pure Collagen". Kate’s skin care problems were a result of harmful UVA & UVB exposure from years of exposure to indirect sunlight and time spent tanning, which led to premature aging and wrinkles during her early thirties.

It got worse after she got a job as a waitress. She often stayed up all night and became very addicted to coffee and cigarettes. Kate started developing dark circles around her eyes which started to become baggy with time. After she gave birth to her children, she often felt that she always looked much older than she was. Before she knew it, the kids were in high school and she was getting older and older. Every month she began to notice more lines and wrinkles on her face. Gravity seemed to have a great effect in pulling her chin downward. Even her mom looked at her with that concerned face and told Kate she looked extremely worn out.

That was the moment Kate realized it was time to stop wasting her time with products from the local drug store and do something about it. Her initial thoughts were to turn to Botox and even a facelift to deliver the results that she was so eager to find. Looking back on it now, she said she didn't know what she was thinking! “Who in their right mind wants to inject themselves with chemicals or go under the knife just to look a few years younger? ” Luckily a dear friend talked Kate out of plastic surgery and told her about a skin rejuvination segment on the news. The show opened her eyes to the sensational skin firming effects of a new product called Dead Sea Kit. Kate discovered celebrities had been using it for years to look and stay young. A prominent celebrity skin care doctor also revealed that using Dead Sea Kit was the celebrity secret to success as it contains powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizing agents.

However, one product alone may not yield the perfect result. After a few days of extensive research and comparing product features, prices, and reviews of popular products on the internet Kate discovered the best result can only be achieved when you combine Dead Sea Kit with another wonderful product called Pure Collagen. While Dead Sea Kit would firm skin with collagen production, the ingredients in Pure Collagen would erase damage from the inside out! There are no antioxidants more powerful than those found in these two products. Antioxidants are essential to help us neutralize free radicals which are the compounds that cause the body to grow wrinkled and develop health issues. She began to look for the products in retail stores but couldn't find them anywhere as the products were only available online. After searching through Google, Kate found the links to get her free trials of Dead Sea Kit and Pure Collagen. “Based on my research, I knew Pure Collagen and Pure Collagen would deliver incredible results and the fact that I got them as free trials was icing on the cake.

I never would have thought that something which is being offered for free could ever yield a better result than those expensive anti-aging solutions". Why Are These Companies Offering These Free Trials? That was the one big question on my mind, so I personally called up the companies. I found out that the reason they are offering these free trials is because they stand behind their products, and are confident that users will come back and purchase more. In fact, they even showed me that more than 80% of users see visible results within a few weeks, and end up being long-term customers. Kate started to notice several changes within weeks. The picture on the right was taken around the third week after she started using Dead Sea Kit and Pure Collagen regularly. She used both Dead Sea Kit and Pure Collagen only once a day in the morning.

Her wrinkles are smoothed out, her eye lines are gone and her skin glows. Her skin continues to get firmer and firmer. In addition to her renewed radiant skin, Kate experienced a significant increase in energy because of the added benefits of the antioxidants in both products. Now with her new radiant skin, Kate has more confidence than ever and people definitely say she looks much younger, is more energetic and brighter. Kate's mother was so amazed with the results she ordered the products for herself. How You Can Get These Anti-Aging Free Trials Like us, here at Montreal Herald, you might be a little doubtful about the effects of this anti-aging secret but you need to find out for yourself; the results are undeniable if you follow the program. After conducting your our own personal study please comment below and tell us about your success with the products. Follow the links to the free trials provided by the manufacturers of Dead Sea Kit and Pure Collagen and know that you are getting quality products that work; no strings attached!

Remember, to get the BEST results you will want to try BOTH products together. With the discounted shipping costs you’ll be on your way to smooth skin for under $8! But hurry! These free trials won't be available forever! – Michelle Scott The free trial offers end on , so be sure to act now! STEP 1: Get Dead Sea Kit FREE Trial Use special discount link to reduce shipping to $3. 95 from  ! STEP 2: Get Pure Collagen FREE Trial *This Is Key: You must use both products to achieve great results like Kate did.

Would you like to share a consumer tip for next week? If so, please send us an email! AFTER Kate Used the 2 Products The second picture is taken exactly 15 days after the first. Notice the strong difference after applying the 2 trials during that time. . . During the 15 days period Kate documented the progress with her camera:The second picture is taken exactly 15 days after the first. Notice the strong difference after applying the 2 trials during that time.

. . astrogirl: "@JessMercell: yes i just got mine, Not sure How many free trials are left. Link I used:" 1 hour ago macy290: "For once it was nice to do something for myself without feeling guilty about the cost". 4 hours ago tracyrobbins: "@jarret_allen: Well I had two co-workers guy/girl try this wrinkle combo and loved it. Thats why I tried them too. Hope that helps"! 5 hours ago jarret_allen: "Very cool.

I was worried that it wouldnt work for men but I'm excited to give it a go"!

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