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By way of introduction, let us tell you something about ourselves. We are a married couple, and are both certified as fitness instructors: Billy teaches cycling and stretching, and Mary teaches group exercise at the YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Inc. Billy has background in the culinary arts, and Mary is a registered dietitian. We are blessed to enjoy the benefits of good health, and want to share our enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge with you. Please view our articles page or select an article from the drop down box below. Please leave us feedback via email or use our . The increasing incidence of overweight and obesity in children and teenagers bears serious consequences for their health and our ailing medical care system. On a personal level, we know that growing up can be hard enough without being teased about how you look or being the last one picked for the gym class team. It's not right to discriminate based on size, but it happens: how can we help our kids grow up with a healthy relationship to food, fitness, and their bodies?

Trick or treat! Halloween will be here soon. But where is it written that Halloween means all-you-can-eat candy for all of us? ! And, unfortunately, the beginning of an overeating period which lasts from October through Valentine's Day! How can parents of trick-or-treaters and hosts of trick-or-treaters put a healthy spin on such a holiday?

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