responsible adult, successful career

When you have a child, you imagine that child growing into a responsible adult with a successful career with a family, or something to that effect. You never think that your teenage daughter may have an unplanned teen pregnancy because they experimented with sex without using protection. It’s likely that you won’t know your child is having sex unless you happen to see condoms or a pregnancy test in the trash can or in their room. However, you can get a good idea of what your child knows about sex, and about how to prevent unplanned teen pregnancies by talking to them and educating them. Let them know that all their future plans will be put on hold if they do happen to have an unplanned teen pregnancy. That means their dreams will be put on hold, their career, and probably their high school diploma. An unplanned teen pregnancy can change a young girl’s life drastically and permanently. Even young men’s lives can change as they will then be financially responsible for the child they brought into the world through mere experimentation.

Educate your child and teach him or her that unplanned teen pregnancy is preventable and that it should be avoided at all costs.

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